Going Viral: Single Dad Baffled By His Daughter’s Hair Takes Drastic Action & Becomes An Internet Sensation

Raising children efficiently is the greatest job in this world and this doesn’t need any proof, especially when there is so much to spoil them...

Raising children efficiently is the greatest job in this world and this doesn’t need any proof, especially when there is so much to spoil them out there. It might seem quite a peaceful job to any outsider but just ask the parents and the kids what is their daily struggle. Though parenthood is a holy gift you seek but it can be a pain at times and greater when you are a single parent.



A single dad experienced something like this with her daughter. Greg Wickherst and his daughter Izzy live in Colorado Spring. He is a great dad and being single very effectively fulfilling his role as a dad and offering hir baby the best upbringing. While he has his hardships in this there is one thing that keeps bugging him the most; Izzy’s hair.

A single parent; Greg Wickherst owns his world to her daughter- Izzy.

Greg loves spending time with his little daughter. “My favorite part of the day is when I wake her up and get her out of bed and she’s still sleepy, so she nuzzles her face into my neck,” Greg said in an interview.



He does any and everything for his little angel but being a single parent plays its own role at times. But seeing Izzy’s smile is what makes all the hardships worth it and he feels incredibly peaceful.



Being a very hands-on parent Greg wanted to deal with the very aspect that bothers him the most- Izzy’s hair. He has great troubles in styling those flocks.




“I started trying to put ponytails in, and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out,” he said in an interview with ABC News. Greg works in a Trade school and with all his zeal to fight this thing for his daughter he contacted the cosmetology department seeking help in the matter.



This was a great help and once he got some basics of the hairstyling Greg did what was a great gesture. He thought of sharing the knowledge with all the single dads worldwide thinking about their plight.



This laid the foundation of a toddler hairstyling revolution as he posted videos on YouTube and even made a Facebook Page for this. The page is named as Greg Wickherst’s Dads Guide to Surviving Hair.



I spent a couple hours just working on a mannequin and [the instructor] showed me how to do a bun, a French braid, all the different styles,” he said.



Once he was a master of some really good hairstyles he had that urge to learn more. And this made Izzy’ s hair, an experimenting tool that invented some really cool styles.



The dad and the daughter duo enjoy this to the fullest and even Izzy likes to post the photographs on FaceBook.



They have many followers and they love what he is doing for his daughter.The followers thank Greg to make all this easier for them as well and for putting the special effort for his daughter’s upbringing.




Greg is a real honest man and he accepts that many times he creates a disaster which can never be shared.

“Last weekend I ended up with ten ponytails in her hair and I tried to put them together and it didn’t turn out very well,” he said.



But he is a great inspiration for internet teaching all the dads the hair play. In fact, his college organized a daddy-daughter hairdo event where the dads from the surrounding got to learn some simple and some really complicated hairstyles for their daughters.



After all that he received from this, his best part of life is being with his sweet girl playing and enjoying life together.



He admires the time they spend brushing, braiding and enjoying it together.



Izzy, the little girl is not much aware of the recent attention but she enjoys her father’s new skills.



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